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Slick P drops KokoroMi Master

  • features Nigeria hip hop legend Mode9, Linda on the fresh hit

Nigeria music artiste and IT executive, Slick P, aka CEO Rapper, has released his long-awaited single, KokoroMi Master, a banging afro hip hop song that samples the musical influences of his music career from British house sounds to Afro R’n’B sounds.

Featuring Mode9, multi-award winning Hip Hop legend of Nigeria music and Linda, a fast rising R’n’B singer, KokoroMi Master is produced by London-based DJ Homeboy and distributed in Nigeria by Board Members Entertainment.
KokoroMi Master creates a bridge between the old and new sounds of music. Slick P lays his fluid lyrics over the funky house infused beats of KokoroMi Master reminding listeners of the ‘boom bap’ era of Nigeria Hip hop with Linda’s melodic refrain of the hook complimenting his rap as Mode9 proves again his status as celebrated lyricist with his captivating wordplay.

With KokoroMi Master’s release in the last month of 2016, Slick P enters the New Year with a bang as one of the music artistes to watch in 2017. And in a few weeks, the video to KokoroMi Master to be shot by one of Nigeria’s ace video directors will be unleashed in the public domain. 

The CEO Rapper says he is proud of the growth of the contemporary music industry. 

“I’m excited to hear the sound coming out of Nigeria and how our music culture is taking over the rest of the continent and getting nods on the international scene. However, my approach to music is different and eclectic to reflect the various musical influences –foreign and Nigerian, I have had. My ten-year experience as a highly sought-after Disc Jockey/Master of Ceremony in the UK club scene and touring with some of Europe’s top bands will count in what you hear from Slick P”.
Continuing Slick P explains: “KokoroMi Master is an upgrade to my 2012 single International Citizen featuring R’n’B powerhouse Ibiyemi, but the elements are similar. My flow is authentic Afro Hip Hop accompanied by powerful instruments and vocals. 

Alongside his overseas exposure, Slick’s other professional career in IT has also given Slick P the right work ethic for becoming a music artiste and talent manager who can take credit for discovering the gifted musicians who make up the Board Members Band, the in-house band that performs every Wednesday at the jaunty Bay Lounge Bar Lekki, Lagos.

“A complete re-invention of my business life in 2012 allowed me to build a thriving IT and Software Development company. I also founded my label Board Members Entertainment which is now home to a group of fantastic and hardworking artistes. We are a total entertainment outfit with interests in not only making music but also contributing our quota to maintaining a solid structure for the growth of the Nigerian music industry”, he says.

However, the greatest influence he credits is God for blessing him with the natural inclination towards creativity being born into the gene pool of late Sir Herbert Macaulay, one of the founding fathers of Nigerian nationalism. As the great grand son of the renowned Nigerian musician, journalist, politician, engineer and architect, Slick P says the pressure to be best is always on but not insurmountable.

“Just like my alias “CEO Rapper” is coined to motivate myself and creative Nigerians who by reason of their 9 to 5 jobs can’t find the room to pursue their creative passions, I believe it can be done if you put your mind to it. You can manage a successful corporate work life and your creative passion”.

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